CrowdMemo HowTo

CrowdMemo is a platform for community-centered storytelling; it is a “distributed” documentary that allows us to navigate the history of a place through the memory of its inhabitants.

CrowdMemo digs into the individual and collective memory to assemble a storytelling that is a social construct and reflects on the identity of the community and the specificities of its own culture.

CrowdMemo is a dynamic process, not just its audiovisual distributed output. Its methodology has carefully been planned so as to assess citizen engagement and make sure it is a community driven/centered project. It can be replicated by schools, institutions, individuals… the idea is to propose transgenerational dialogue and connect the micro to the macro, the intimate to the public, the anecdotal with the established.

CrowdMemo is an “open source” project and anybody is free to implement it.


Download the step by step guide to deploy your own CrowdMemo: crowdmemobasics.



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